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Bright and professional new website to showcase service capabilities of Smile Natural Foods

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Canadian private label manufacturer of whole food products and packaging

Specialist in healthy, natural foods such as granolas, grains, seasonings and legumes.

Smile Natural Foods is a Canadian private label manufacturer of whole food products and packaging. They have been working with large grocery stores and brand partners to provide high-quality products for private label retail for 45 years, mostly specializing in healthy, natural foods such as granolas, grains such as quinoa, seasonings and legumes.

The brand is owned by Shah Canada Group of companies (SCG) who has recently expanded its operations to include a new sister company, Bettayum. Executives in SCG were wanting to expand the presence of all three brands online to reach new customers and showcase their potential to partners, and initially sought the services of a freelance web designer on Fiverr. After being delivered a product that was unsatisfactory, SCG executives were able to get in touch with Awesome Web Designs following a more thorough Google search for web design experts in Toronto. Thanks to our professional portfolio of design experience and reviews from previous clients, the SCG team was confident that Awesome Web Designs would be able to provide the level of service they had been expecting all along.

After meeting with their team at headquarters and consulting on their current situation and where they would like to be with a website, it was determined they would not be moving forward with any of the previous work, and instead, we would be starting from scratch.

Awesome Web Designs Theme

Collaborating remotely on an organized database

Designing a website with a clean & easy-to-use interface

One of Smile Natural Foods main concerns with a brand new website was ensuring it would be consistent with the company’s branding. Previous work delivered was dark and unprofessional-looking, which is not compatible with the sunny and uplifting image present in their logo, so we kept this in consideration moving forward to create something more authentic to Smile Natural Foods.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, brand officials also wanted to ensure their website would be user-friendly and would demonstrate their B2B production capabilities to visitors. In order to achieve this, we had to recreate search engine capabilities on the website, so users could search and sort results by product type. This required a visually simplistic design layout and a thorough organization of data that was worked on collaboratively by both Smile Natural Food staff and Awesome Web Designs. Together a spreadsheet was created of all their products by type, packaging etc. that we were able to then organize and use to create the search parameters of their capabilities.

Before we even begin to think about designing the website, the whole first phase of the process is dedicated to consulting, gathering information, and collaborating with the business on ideas. When hiring Awesome Web Designs as your web design professional you get more than a website, you also receive the benefit of consulting from a web professional on the design and administrative processes of your digital marketing. We are also experienced in communicating and collaborating remotely and are happy to take the lead to guide you through this process if it is something that you’re unfamiliar with.

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Building a strong working relationship for future endeavours

An investment in Awesome Web Designs is more than just a website

Since the launch of the new website, Smile Natural Foods is now able to direct customers to a professional portfolio of their previous brand partners, production capabilities, and business information. As part of our enhanced web care packages, we will be providing regular maintenance to the website to ensure it stays up-to-date with all plugins and continues to run efficiently. At Awesome Web Designs, we really want you to get the most out of your investment into an awesome new website!

This project was very successful, and the client thrilled with the results due in part to the ample discussion of ideas and feedback throughout the process. We were able to stay on the same page as the Smile Natural Foods team because of our level of collaboration, ensuring they would be happy with the end result. This is why it is best to do your research on a freelancer’s reviews and portfolio before hiring them for such an important investment. True web professionals will have a designated work process to ensure optimal communication to garner information about your brand and the goals for your website before getting to work designing a website. They’re also able to realistically set deadlines based on previous experience and how much time needs to be dedicated to a project, and will strive to meet those deadlines.

Because Shah Canada Group executives were so pleased with this new website, we will continue to work with them on upcoming projects for their parent brand, and new sister brand Bettayum. We value creating long-lasting relationships with clients, not just transactions. Engaging the same website designer for multiple projects with a common element is a good idea to help ensure unity and cohesiveness throughout the different branded elements.

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