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What Are Schema Markups and Why Are They Important for your SEO?

A schema markup is a structured data or code developed by as a collaboration between Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. Schema markups are used to share with search engines detailed information about your business or about a specific page content of your site. is basically a joint effort by all major search engines that guidelines the markup that…

Data scraping

What is Web Scraping and Why Is It Important For Your Business?

What is Web Scraping or Data Scraping? Scraping data (also called web scraping) is the process of extracting information from websites in an automated way. Data scraping focuses on transforming the unstructured content of a website (usually HTML) into structured data which can be stored in a database or spreadsheet. The way in which the data is extracted from a…

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What is AMP and How to Implement It?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a file format that allows to accelerate the visualization of a web page on smartphone or tablet. This format was created by Google and you can find more information about AMP Project on its official website. It also provides all the technical documentation for its implementation. Launched at the beginning of 2016,…

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How to Choose the Best Domain Name for your Business

Understanding how to choose a domain name for your business can help you: Distinguish your brand from the competition Attract new customers to your website Prevent spammers from stealing your traffic If your domain is too confusing or generic, customers will most likely end up on a competitor’s website. Internet users usually don’t want to work hard to find your…

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The Most Relevant On-Site SEO Actions for your Website. Part 2

WebMasterTools. Google Webmaster Tools is an essential platform for search engine optimization. To understand its full potential, Google Webmaster Tools helps you see your website as Google sees it. It gives you insights into what pages have been indexed on your site, what links are pointing to it, your most popular keywords, and much more. These are the main Google…

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