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How to Avoid Spam Filters When Sending Emails?

Why all my emails go to the spam folder? This is a question many business owners have asked themselves at some point. If you have tried to find an answer, you have probably encountered impractical and unsatisfactory solutions. This is because we are facing a dark mystery with no apparent solution, which today we will try to bring some light. However,…

Google Headquarters

The Step by Step Guide to Configure G Suite

You may have heard of it under different names in the last years: Google Apps for Work, Google apps, Gmail for business or even Gmail for your domain. Table of Contents What is Google G Suite? What is it for?Why use Google G Suite mail for your project?The price: How much does Google G Suite cost?G Suite trick: Free and…

Article schema

What Are Schema Markups and Why Are They Important for your SEO?

A schema markup is a structured data or code developed by as a collaboration between Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. Schema markups are used to share with search engines detailed information about your business or about a specific page content of your site. is basically a joint effort by all major search engines that guidelines the markup that…

Data scraping

What is Web Scraping and Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Table of Contents What is Web Scraping or Data Scraping?What is Web Scraping for?Do you need to scrape information for your business?What tool can I use for Web Scraping?How should I use the obtained data? What is Web Scraping or Data Scraping? Scraping data (also called web scraping) is the process of extracting information from websites in an automated way….

Dollar symbol

How to Find Any Email Address on the Internet

If looking for email addresses is an important part of your work, you will know that unfortunately not all emails are available on the web. In many cases, the contact you search does not have a professional profile on LinkedIn or the email address is not available on social networks and / or any other platform. With just a couple…

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